Our Space 

Discover Meraki Collective, a boutique salon space that brings together Roswell's most skilled hairstylists. Our space offers freelance stylists the opportunity to flourish in a sophisticated, inviting environment. With an aesthetic that's both airy and bohemian, clients are drawn to linger in our lobby, soaking in the atmosphere before and after their services. Embracing the ethos of sustainable beauty, our design is free from animal byproducts. We champion sustainability by encouraging clients to choose glass over paper and opt for filtered water instead of plastic. At Meraki Collective, we're not just reimagining hairstyling – we're shaping a conscious and creative future.Nourish your hair's natural beauty.

Our Products

At Meraki, we're driven by a simple belief: achieving gorgeous hair in 15-20 minutes is a must. That's why we've designed a collection of premium, easy-to-use products suitable for all hair types. With insights from professional hairstylists, we've curated a range perfect for even the busiest routines. Our mission is clear – to streamline your styling process and empower you with more manageable, stunning hair. Welcome to Meraki, where beauty meets efficiency.

We are big time animal lovers, so there was no question that we wanted our haircare line to reflect those values. All of our products are certified vegan, organic and ethically-sourced



Meraki means "to do something with soul, creativity, and love."

"Why did I start Meraki?"

A question that resonates deeply. A decade-long journey as a hairstylist traverses myriad salon landscapes. My voyage began within a commission-based salon, where survival remained a challenge as 70% of my earnings were relinquished to the proprietor. An interval as an hourly-paid assistant followed, with compensation seldom surpassing $15 per hour. It was in this milieu that I confronted harassment and an eventual departure, steering me toward non-hair-related employ until weekend salon suite leasing was feasible. The shift to full-time salon suite occupancy kindled rapid growth, yet the absence of ambiance and camaraderie hindered my creativity. Lobby-less and disconnected from fellow tenants, I sensed a void in both inspiration and community. In response, I founded Meraki.

Empowering women constitutes my second passion. Meraki embodies this by fostering an environment where women embrace security and empowerment. Our aim for the future includes a model that offers hairstylists the opportunity to grow in the company, paving the way for sustained financial stability. (In countless scenarios, hairstylists endure two to three decades of standing, taxing their bodies, only to encounter retirement uncertainty.) The aim is to furnish financial education, fostering loyalty and pride among tenants, engendering a lasting alliance with our space.

Meraki represents a nexus where passion, sustainability, empowerment, and creativity intertwine, transcending traditional salon paradigms. Welcome to a haven that redefines what a salon can be.

Let's do things the Meraki way.