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Okayyy guys, so definitely my number one request is always how I do my hair…so here is step by step what I do and use! Let me start this out by saying I’m by no means a hair pro and definitely have days where I feel my curls end up too tight and give me that country music singer type hair.  It’s definitely a trial-and-error type process when first learning to curl your hair but hopefully some of these pointers will help you!

Products Used:

So to start out I prime my hair with the Vitamin Mist.  This product fills your hair and should be applied after you get out of the shower on damp hair.  It strengthens and prevents breakage with Vitamin E & Horsetail Extract, has UV and heat protectant, and adds light moisture. (I actually mist my hair with this EVERY morning whether I wash it or not. It smells wonderful and it is SO good for your hair!!)

I blow-dry my hair with the Dyson hairdryer.  This thing is pricey but dang, it is SO worth it!! With a traditional hair dryer it takes about 45-60 min to dry my hair…with the Dyson I can be done in about 15 minutes no problem!! It’s a lifesaver for me!! After blow drying and before curling, I spray my hair with the Hot Oil Shine.  This creates a light shine, seals off your hair from humidity and prevents frizz, and protects your curls for hot tools.

To curl my hair I use the T3 curling wand.  I take about a one-inch section of hair, wrap it loosely around the barrel away from my face, leaving about an inch at the bottom that you don’t curl. Hold it there for about 10 seconds and drop the curl.  If the curl is too tight, you can pull on it and loosen the curl before it sets. It takes me under 10 minutes to do my entire head with this curling iron and my curls last 3-4 days.  Seriously…I rock them for 5 days sometimes and they still look great.  Thank goodness for dry shampoo! But if you are looking for a less expensive curling wand, I’ve used this one in the past and it’s well worth the money as well!

After curling my hair, I spray texture spray to set the curls and that adds DAYS to how long the styling will last.  It also adds body to the roots and the ends and gives it that beachy look.  That is all…after that I’m running out the door!

For deets on my cut & color click HERE  (she’s the BOMB)

And for deets on my extensions click HERE

Highly recommend both of them if you are in the Atlanta area.  They are both gorgeous and sweet and I laugh the entire time I’m with them! 🙂 I’m posting a fun braid tutorial later this weekend which is going to be really fun! Also thinking about incorporating a weekly makeup tip into my routine…let me know what y’all think about that if or if there is anything in particular you would want to see!!

***All of my hair products are vegan and cruelty free!!!

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