Looking for Ethical Alternatives for Your Hair? All Eyes on These 3 Game-Changing Haircare Brands


Nobody loves a bad hair day. But often, finding the right products that suit your hair type is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Have you thought about introducing a more sustainable approach to your regular hair care routineCruelty-free, organic, or vegan hair care could be the option for you, as they contain less quizzical and toxic chemicals and more natural ingredients. These 3 ethical hair care brands have products for all your hair worries. And they shared a few secrets to amazing hair with us. 

By Johanna Raudsepp




What makes your brand different from other organic hair care lines?

Meraki is cruelty-free and has ZERO fillers. A lot of brands advertise as organic, but have silicone and water to dilute the product. With our formulations, you will get 4-6 months of use from each product.

Why is providing customers with sustainable haircare important to you? 

Sustainable haircare is important, because we want to make a positive impact on the world, not a destructive one. We run our company with respect for animals and the environment.





What is your number one tip for great hair?

Finding a good hairdresser will enable you to learn about your hair and how to style it. You can also discuss your lifestyle and have your hair cut and colored to always meet your needs. A professional will also use quality products on your hair for easy and safe styling.

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