We have created this product selling guide with tips for EDUCATING your client about their hair and how to style it. 

Clients need to expect to buy retail. You are here to ensure that. Selling retail is all about your mindset. Don't think of it as "selling to your client" , but "education your client on the tools he/she needs for success".

Below are some tips for selling from your consultation to your check out, along with a list of each Meraki product with selling points under each.


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Introduce your yourself/ brand. Once you meet your client, give them a compliment. This is an easy way to break the ice and start the consultation.

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During your consultation, go over the realistic steps to get to the client to his/ her goal. Explain the price of each service and also the let them know that you will do a complimentary lesson on styling with the products they will need for home. (Key words "need for home". A client can't expect to replicate the style he or she has without the proper tools.

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Explain the investment. If a client comes to you she is making an investment in his/her hair. The take home products are simply insurance for maintaining beautiful color and healthy hair.

Explain the difference between salon grade products and drugstore. Most products even if they are a professional grade, are expired if they are in a drugstore. All products should have an expirationdate because that means there are no preservatives or fillers. Higher grade products means less filler(silicone and water) and more vitamins and styling ingredients! This means you can use a fraction of the product and get a better result. (In the end you will spend about the same each year no matter if you buy drugstore or salon grade products)

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When doing your client's hair explain EACH step. As you shampoo say which one you are using and why. For example. "Today I am using volumizing shampoo for maximum lift and body since you have fine hair".


It also helps to refer to products with metaphors. For example, "First I will apply a primer( Vitamen Mist)  to your hair. This prevents tangles, heat damage, and UV damage)


As you use each product, set it facing the client for the remainder of the service. That way they associate each step with what the bottle looks like and also if you go to the bathroom or something, they are more likely to pick it up and investigate further.


After you finish styling you want to walk in front of the client to talk. (Don't take cape off) Removing the cape insinuates you are done with the service and they may start getting up to leave. Ask if they have any questions about the maintenance or styling. This keeps them engaged until you check them out.

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Ask them "Which products do you want to try for home?".( or if they are an existing customer, Which products do you need for home?)  ( wording is everything!!!) This will encourage the client to buy and insinuate it is a part of the service to take home product. How else are they expecting to replicate their style!

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