Are extensions damaging?

If applied correctly eyelash extensions are harmless. Natural lashes are still able to grow and have normal lash cycles. After care is very important as well. Please do not pull, tug, pick, or remove lashes yourself. Care should be taken as not to damage natural lashes.

How long will they last?

You will notice some extensions begin to shed at a rate of 2 to 3 per day. Clientsmay notice a natural lashe attached to an extension. This is a normal process of shedding. Rest assured that natural lashes, which have shedded,  are replaced with new, healthy lashes. Clients start to notice a slight difference in fullness at the 2 week mark. I highly recommend coming back for a fill at 2 weeks to keep lashes full and fluffy. However, every person is different,  especially since everyoneexperiences different cycles of lash growth.  Half of your extensions should still remain when coming back for your follow up appointment. This will also play a factorin the results you receive for the time alloted for your service.

How do I clean them?

I recommend cleaning your extensions 48 hrs after your initial set. Atleast once a day there after or up to 4 times a week.  This will help eliminate dirt and oil buildup and bacteria. A foaming lash cleanser is always best as this strips the lashes of oils that can wear away at the glue. Cleansing is highly effective and helps the extensions last longer.

Can I wear makeup?

Of course. However, no makeup should be worn around the eye area for the first 48 hrs. After those 48 hrs feel free. No oil base or waterproof makeup is recommended.  As this will cause extensions to fall out quicker. Be sure to clean any makeup off every night.

Can I exercise with extensions?

Yes you can. I still inform clients to give it 48 hrs before they resume physical activity. After the 2 days are complete you may continue with your routine.  Swimming is also ok as long as daily cleansing of the lashes is adhered to.

What makes Mosaic Beaudee LLC cruelty free?

Mosaic Beaudee only invests in products from companies that are free of animal cruelty and testing. I only work with cruelty free products from the lashes I provide down to the cleansers I recommend, even the adhesives I choose for clients. I use "faux mink or "synthetic mink" lashes. These lashes are hand/machine-made from high quality PBT materials or poly-fiber which is safe for the eyes. The "Mink" aspect refers to the softness or design that the false lashes are to imitate. Synthetic mink will burn if in contact with extreme heat but real mink hair tends to crumble when under the pressure of heat or flame, just as human hair will. Synthetic mink is my preferred lash, as this provides a "mascara look" even if a client wants a natural style. A synthetic lash doesnt loose its curl compared to a 100% mink lash. I believe every woman should feel and look her best but not the the cruel treatment of animals. Mosaic Beaudee stands by cruelty free products and only deal with companies that think this way as well.

Emily Rose