FullyRaw means feeling good enough about YOUR perfect health enough to WANT to share the gift of life/health with others. Everyone knows how it feels to be unhealthy. At this moment in time, you may be searching for health inspiration rather than giving it. The best way that I know how to describe what someone feels like when they go “FullyRaw” or adapt to a 100% raw foods lifestyle is that they simply want to jump on top of the world and yell, “I am free! I found happiness!” This is what it means to be FullyRaw. You want to give inspiration rather than search for it.

FullyRaw Rose Cacao Skin and Body Butter

The first product created for my skin care line is called the Rose Cacao, and it is a magical skin butter! RAW, VEGAN, ORGANIC, EDIBLE, ARTISIAN, AND HANDMADE, It is called a skin and body butter because I recommend that you use it ALL over your body, especially your face. Often times, you will encounter products that you can use on your body but not on your face. I recommend that you use the Rose Cacao on your face AND body.

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