Behind Black Label Cosmetics is an artist. BLC was founded outside of Atlanta, GA by makeup-loving photographer & designer, Bridgitte Sifton. After receiving her BFA in Photography and working as a photographer and designer for various local small businesses and other entrepreneurs, it was time for something completely her own. She designed Black Label to curate a line of true, quality cosmetics, where every detail was accounted for - right down to the packaging.

The idea behind a black label is its exclusivity; you're buying into something made from a fellow-enthusiast - someone who shares your passion for what you're buying, who knows exactly what makes your heart sing, because like you, they are also a consumer. The Black Label is just a way of saying, not only do we believe in having a quality product, but the aesthetics to go with it. We wanted to kick off the launch of our brand by introducing our creamy matte liquid lipsticks, housed in edgy, luxe packaging you'll treasure just as much as the lipstick inside.

So with that, get your shop on and give us a try for yourself; we're cruelty-free, and our formula is vegan, so you can worry less about the semantics and look forward to trying something new; we can't wait to be part of your collection!



Dark Horse

Bitter Pill


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